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Audio For Games

The gaming world always saw the importance of music to elevate the whole experience of play and action. From the musical score, to the sound design in effects and that power up sound, Sonic Filter lends itself into developing sound for games from cinematic soundscapes to 80's style computer music.


Real Life

Sonic Filter doesn't only handle music, but anything related to sound. When the highly successful game, Run Run Super V, was in development, our team handled the sound effects for the whole game from gameplay and even monster noises. 

Service Solutions

.: Script Preparation
.: Voice Recording
.: Audio Direction
.: Post Production
.: Voice Talent Casting
.: Music Composition
.: Sound Design

Service Advantage

.: Vocal Booth for Isolation
.: Professional Studio Microphones
.: Voice Talent Sourcing
.: Voice Talent direction
.: Composition Equipment
.: Sound Design facilities
,: Foley and Found Sounds

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