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It's one thing to play and jam in the confines of the rehearsal studio and it's another to record. This is where Sonic Filter Studios comes in. We not only provide a means to record your sound, but we go a step further and make sure that your music not only records good, but sounds great as well.

All bands who choose to record their EP or album with us get overall production assistance for FREE to ensure the quality of your output. Some studios will charge the same or even more but stop at recording. We bring this extra service for free because we want quality for our bands and to see them succeed makes it all worthwhile.


Real Life

Our first foray into music was being in bands and it was just fitting that recording the band's album should be done in our own studio. And the story begins...

Service Solutions

.: Recording of any genre
.: Live Recording
.: Overdub Recording
.: Tracking
.: Editing
.: Tuning
.: Production
.: Arrangement
.: Professional Mixing
.: Professional Mastering

Service Advantage

.: Professional Recording Software
.: Vocal Booth
.: Professional Studio Mics
.: Professional Outboard Gear
.: Extensive Plugins
.: Various Plugins for Guitarists
.: Various High End pedals for Guitarists.

Work With Us

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R E C O R D I N G   P A C K A G E S
SONG1 song - Php 6000

5 Song EP - Php30,000

FULL ALBUM10 Song Album - Php60,000
ADDTL.Add on song to package - Php 5,000
Mixing and Mastering also available
Rate for recording sessions by the hour
1-3 Tracks Php 3,500Php 1,500