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Let's face it. Using music sells a product and brings something to the table to touch people emotionally. Background music can even stir something inside a person without even knowing it.

Make people remember your brand by music that is truly yours. Sonic Filter Studios provides music services tailored for you for TV, Radio, and online advertisements, as well as sounds for corporate launches, events, and AVPs.


Real Life

AD: Chevrolet launched their Cruze sedan with a massive multimedia campaign. Production turned to our team to handle their TV ad musical score and sound design to make that mark in the competitive automotive industry.

LAUNCH: When Chevrolet decided to launch their 2 new SUV's, they needed music to bring life to the live videos and to bring that element of suspense and surprise. We provided not only the music and effects, but on-location scoring for the event.

AVP: Versace launched their campaign for Milano Residences and they tapped us to create their massive electro-rock score.

Service Solutions

.: Any genre or style
.: Composition
.: Recording and Production
.: Timing to picture
.: Session talents (music/vocals)
.: Project management
.: Mixing and Mastering
.: On location scoring/performance
.: Secure File Delivery

Service Advantage

.: Professional Recording Software
.: Vocal Booth
.: Professional Studio Mics
.: Professional Outboard Gear
.: Extensive Plugins
.: Massive Sound Library
.: On Location performance gear
.: Online file transfer

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