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Some DJs have very busy schedules that they don't have time to learn production but are brimming with ideas. That's where Sonic Filter Studios comes in. We provide music production services for DJs like you who wish to release a track of your own. This is not cheating. We simply act as the instruments to translate your ideas sonically. We provide the production skills along with our extensive library of updated sounds and instruments to keep your tune fresh and up-to-date.

For people looking for remixes, mashups, re-edits, bootlegs, look no further. Should you require any of these, Sonic Filter Studios is more than capable and willing to take on any project you wish to hand us.

Other variations for these services are re-edits for dances, cheering competitions, visual performances, etc.


Real Life

When Hennessy brought their global event here in the Philippines for the Hennessy Artistry series, our team provided remixes that were used for the shows along with their singers. 

Service Solutions

.: Any style or genre
.: Composition and Arrangement
.: Recording and Production
.: Sourcing
.: Project Management
.: Mixing and Mastering

Service Advantage

.: Fully equipped dance music studio
.: Professional Production Software
.: Vocal Booth
.: Vocoder effects/Auto tune
.: Professional Studio Mics
.: Professional Outboard Gear
.: Massive Sound Library
.: Various Hardware and software synthesizers and drum machines
.: Extensive dance music background

Work With Us

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