The Gear


Apple Macbook Pro
Propellerhead Record
Apple Logic Studio
Ableton Live


KRK Rokit 8
Alesis M1 mk2

Outboard and Effects

Line6 UX8
Roland SP808 (EX Upgraded)

Guitar Stuff

Vox Pathfinder Solid State Amp
Fender Champion 600 All Tube Amp
TC Electronic Polytune
Barber Tone Press
Barber Direct Drive
Barber LTD silver
RMC3 Wah
T-Rex Replica Delay
Semaphore Tremolo
MXR Script Phase 90 Custom Shop
Guitar Rig 4
Amplitube 3
Line6 Podfarm Platinum


Audio Technica 4033a
Shure SM58
Samson Q1
Rode Podcaster


Roland V-Drums TD4x
Pearl Export Series (Sabian AAX Cymbals)
Pearl Picollo Snare


Propellerhead Reason
Propellerhead Record
Apple Logic Studio
Ableton Live
Native Instruments Maschine
Various Plugins

Keyboards, Synths and Drum Machines

Korg R3 Virtual Analog Synth with Vocoder
Novation X Station Virtual analog synth
Roland Juno 60 Analog Synth
Korg Electribe ER1, EA1, ES1
Roland MC307