• Mixing & Mastering

Mixing And Mastering

If you recorded in another studio and you wish to have it mixed and mastered with us, then drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to accommodate you!

Bedroom musician? Bedroom demo recording isn't new these days. But when it comes to the mixing and mastering stage, it's best to get a fresh ear on your material. Sonic Filter offers this package for anyone who wishes to take their home recordings to the next level and into release-ready sound.

Live far from Manila or don't have time to send or pick up your tracks? We can work remotely and transfer files in the cloud at your convenience.


Real Life

Having partnered with Industree.tv, we were able to work on most of the music for their shows from the OBB's to the background music for the shows, we've handled not just music production, but mixing and mastering of all materials needed. 

Service Solutions

.: Professional Mixing
.: Professional Mastering
.: Audio Editing and Cleaning
.: Tuning
.: Drum Triggering
.: EQing
.: Compression
.: Re-amping
.: Online Option

Service Advantage

.: Professional Mixing Software
.: Professional Monitoring
.: Plugins and outboard gear
.: FTP file delivery
.: Dropbox file transfer

Work With Us

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