• Music Composition

Music Composition

This is the core of our services. From TV idents, Radio ads, Film, Jingles, Music Themes, Computer Games, Recording Artists, Websites, Product Launches, and so much more, Sonic Filter Studios' drive is to create music. We go from writing with a pen, to recording, up to final production and we do it with a love for making our craft shine for every listener.

We deliver quality work that are up to spec with international standards.


Real Life

When Ambient Media, the animation studio responsible for the first Filipino 3D animation film RPG Metanoia, was looking for a song for their movie, they tapped us to write a song that talked about the film and its essence. They licensed our song and was played all throughout the movie credits.

Service Solutions

.: Composition and Arrangement
.: Melody and Lyrics Creation
.: Recording and Production
.: Any genre or style
.: Sessionists (vocals/musicians)
.: Project Management
.: Mixing and Mastering

Service Advantage

.: Professional Recording Software
.: Vocal Booth
.: Professional Studio Mics
.: Professional Outboard Gear
.: Extensive Plugins
.: Various Plugins for Guitarists
.: Various High End pedals for Guitarists.
.: Huge sound library
.: Electronic Drums Available

Work With Us

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